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Qualifications, Skills and Passion

I’m a father of three. I have a deep love for arts, humor, and the natural world, particularly oceans and wildlife. In my professional journey, I’ve worn various hats in I.T. and multimedia, working on a wide range of exciting projects that leverage new technologies. Whether it’s creating visual media or designing online applications, it’s the fast-paced nature of these fields that keeps my career exhilarating.

The ever-changing landscape in telecommunications, the internet’s growth, and advances in technology have heightened user expectations. This shift has exposed me to the need for innovative approaches and solutions to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated users.

My job as a UX/UI designer positions me to learn what users need, to plan and execute user research, to test the designs with the right users and to ensure a smooth handoff to developers to make the magic happen.

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I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the dynamic transformation in the online tech industry, spanning from AOL and Netscape to the era of giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. This journey has witnessed the evolution of video technology from black and white to stunning 4K and 8K+ screens, along with the advent of 3D camera tech. While it’s challenging to keep pace, it’s precisely this constant evolution that adds an element of fun and excitement. I look forward to sharing the fruits of my various project involvements.

Skills and Interests

UX/UI Design

For over two decades, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that my designs adhere to the highest user experience and usability standards, along with the best UI development practices. I firmly believe that this discipline is intricately linked to creative abilities, storytelling, and the capacity to envision the user’s journey from beginning to end while delivering the most straightforward and exceptional experience and outcome.

Responsive Design

Since 2013, I have been honing my expertise in creating responsive user interfaces and websites that are easily accessible across various devices. I have evolved into a subject matter expert, assisting users (Businesses and End users) with their responsive design requirements and guiding them on the optimal approach to transform their legacy applications into modern, mobile-friendly designs.

Graphics / Branding

I have served as a creative director for over a decade, leading a team of innovative minds and designers in successfully executing nationwide advertising campaigns that reached over 50 million people through various media platforms. I find great satisfaction in witnessing stories transition from mere ideas to captivating videos or prominent billboards in the heart of a city.

Film and Video

I am deeply passionate about filmmaking and video production. I’ve authored screenplays, produced videos, and taken on roles such as shooting, directing, and editing in various projects. Nevertheless, on the East Coast, this industry hasn’t provided a sustainable livelihood for me. Currently, I’m maintaining it as a personal interest to stay connected with my creative enthusiasm, unless Hollywood someday relocates to Virginia.


I enjoy playing music passionately, sometimes letting loose and having fun with it. Music provides me an escape from the daily routine and recharges me for the day ahead. I have a collection of guitars, keyboards, and even a banjo. What’s even more wonderful is that my children are developing a growing interest in music, playing instruments, and sharing this musical connection with me. It’s one of the many gifts passed down through my genes!

Scuba Diving

During my early years, I spent a lot of time by the sea. I was often engaged in activities like fishing, diving, spearfishing, and savoring the various marine creatures. I’ve been fortunate to continue my diving adventures, and I aspire to do so for as long as I can. Looking ahead, I have a keen interest in capturing the beauty of the maritime realm through photography and videography. By the way, I’m also a certified PADI Instructor which helps me share this passion with others.


Areas of Expertise

Coding great UI for best UX

Appealing Responsive Design

Front End Interactive Development

Mobile First Design

The Important Things

Family, Love and Laughter...

I'm a proud dad to three amazing children (now, grown): a daughter and two sons, in that order. I genuinely couldn't have pursued all the interests mentioned earlier without the unwavering support, understanding, and care of my wonderful wife. I'm not saying this to make up for forgotten birthday dates and anniversary dates; it's straight from the heart. 😊 Family holds a special place in my life. I have four siblings, with three residing in the United States and one in France. Fortunately, we've been blessed with the opportunity to spend quality time together. As you can probably tell, I have a deep affinity for the water. I enjoy activities like fishing, diving, and that distinct "dimethyl sulfide" scent. If you're curious, look it up; you might discover something interesting, especially if you're a beach enthusiast. 😉