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Couple years ago I finished a screenplay that I – now – want to tun to a movie. We have been seeking funding for it. The project is called “the Last Immortal”. You can find the link here. www.thelastimmortalmovie.com. Not sure how you can help. But if you know someone who knows someone and that last someone is a real person that can make things happen, then please reach out. We have everything ready. The Budget, the business plan, the screenplay, the treatment etc… and I also have built a website for it.


The second project is easier and personal… an Album that I want to finish. I have couple melodies and compositions that I have recorded as a draft. I can play most of it, but I want some realy good Bass Player, a percussionist who is familiar with ethnic rythms, in some of those pieces, I will need the help of some wind instruments and/or strings. I told you it was a small one! Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I need volunteers.. unpaid volunteers or very very very cheap ones. This one won’t sell. It’s a project.

Email me here:  email(at)karimlounes.com

Quick About Me

I am a Front end Developer, it's the equivalent of "A Web Guy" for the common living person... I am a Dad to 3 lovely - growing fast - kids... This is enough. If you need more then you need to go through the rest of the site.

I like Diving…

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