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Through the different positions I have held during the years, I have had the chance to work on a wide range of projects using new technologies. Whether it’s been part of visual media or online application design, it’s been always a thrilling experience. The challenges one faces in this field, learning, and catching up with new technologies makes it an exciting career.

Due to the changes in the telephony, the boom in the Internet, The increase of bandwidths, increase of memory, increase of storage, thus increase of users needs, I was lucky enough to witness the necessity for new approaches, new techniques, new skills and solutions to deliver usable applications to the more demanding users.

From 2008 to 2010, when the iPhone was invented, and the iPad followed, the challenges in the UI development fields and the web applications increased exponentially.

The choice between apps versus mobile devices, and the need for web applications that must work on tablets and phones, adding quadrupled testing efforts on multiple devices, on multiple operating systems, on different browsers and for different users (Usability) has made my work SOOO FUN!

For more detail about my career,  check my résumé (pdf)


I was lucky to witness the shift in the online technology from the AOL and Netscape era to the Google and Responsive Website birth to engineer & accommodate designs for phones, tablets, 4K screens, and God knows what the future reveals… It’s tough to keep up, but that’s the exciting part, isn’t it?

UX/ UI Design
Front End Architecture and Development
Creative, Graphics and Arts
Video and Multimedia

Quick About Me

I am a Front end Developer, it's the equivalent of "A Web Guy" for the common living person... I am a Dad to 3 lovely - growing fast - kids... This is enough. If you need more then you need to go through the rest of the site.

I like Diving…

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