K. Lounes

Skills and Interest

UX/UI Design

For more than 2 decades, I’ve been working on ensuring my development is built following the highest user experience & Usability standards, and UI development best practices. I believe that this discipline is closely tied to one’s creative skills, telling stories skills, having the ability to envision a process or a workflow and plan the user’s journey from point A to whatever that last point is…

Responsive Design

Since 2013, I have been refining my expertise in delivering responsive UIs and sites that users can easily navigate on all types of devices. I have become a Subject Matter Expert helping Clients with their responsive design needs and best approach to turn their legacy applications into a modern responsive – mobile friendly design.

Graphics / Branding

Worked as a creative director for more than a decade leading a team of creative minds and designers in delivering natiowide advertising campaign execusions reaching out to more than 50 million people on several media platforms. Love to see those stories go from an idea, imagination to a video or huge billboard in the middle of a City…

Film and Video

One of my fun passions is film making and video. I have written screenplays, produced videos, shot, directed and edited a few projects here and there. In the East Cost this business hasn’t helped me make a living. I am keeping it as a passion for now just to staty in touch with its fun part… unless Holywood one day moves to Virginia.


I like to play music. I play “wildly” some music for fun. It’s an escape time to time from the routine and helps me recharge for the rest of the day. I have a few guitars, a keyboard, a banjo… I am loving that my kids like music and are picking up some of my “genes” benefits! “IT’S YUGE, IT’S SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE, BELIEVE ME!”

Scuba Diving

I grew up around the sea, fishing, spearfishing, diving and eating tehse things that live on rocks: their names are usually in latin… I have been lucky to keep pursuing the diving part and hope to keep doing this as long as I can. I want to keep taking photos and videos of the underwater world.


Areas of Expertise

The Important Things

Family, Love and Laughter...

I'm a dad to three wonderful creatures: a daughter, a son and another son, in that order. I don't know how I could've kept doing all this stuff listed above without my wife's support, understanding, and care... Honestly, I'm not saying this to make up for the Valentine's dates I forgot before or anything like that. This is truly from the heart. 🙂 Family is important to me. I've got four siblings. Three of them live in the States and one lives in France. We've been blessed to be able to see each other quite often. As you can see all around, I love to be aroud the water... I like fishing, diving and that "dimethyl sulfide" smell. Google it, you'll learn someting if you like the beach.

Quick About Me

I am a Front end Developer, it's the equivalent of "A Web Guy" for the common living person... I am a Dad to 3 lovely - growing fast - kids... This is enough. If you need more then you need to go through the rest of the site.

I like Diving…

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I am Social